HammerCat 35 - Design

Fast, Luxurious, Light, and Fuel Efficient.


The HammerCat 35 is the first model of a next generation of sport fishing power catamarans. The design concept was to pencil an elegant, fast, fuel efficient and modern power catamaran in the mid 30’ range. 

The impressive “Carolina bow” gives the impression of a much larger vessel. The substantial raised bow allows for superior speeds even in adverse conditions. The gunnel on the aft of the vessel is slightly lowered. This distance from the topside / gunnel to the surface of the water is decreased on purpose so that your fish can easily be lifted onboard. In between the engines there is a marlin door to move those extra-large fish onboard with having to be raise them over the side. The gunnel has been designed to accommodate / squeeze your knees under the gunnel, the safest way of fishing. Going forward a full-length rail has been added to the top of the gunnel to hold on to. 

The stern of the vessel has a cut-out just in front of the engines (underside of the hull). This feature allows for faster backing up / reverse following the fish once the big one is hooked. 

The tunnel / bridge deck is significantly higher on the HammerCat 35 as compared to other power catamarans, this will allow for a softer ride. The bridge clearance when underway is 500mm / almost 2’. Most power catamarans suffer from “Front splash”, water that is coming back from the inside tunnel towards the bow. The HammerCat 35 has a negative angle in bow so the water is pushed down, and prevents slapping / coughing in between the 2 hulls. This feature can be seen from about 3’ / 1m from the bow area into the tunnel. Two steps were added to the underwater body to generate aeration (air cushion) under the hull while traveling at high speed. 


Particular attention was paid to the weight distribution. Catamaran don’t like weight in the bow / stern of the yacht. Our tankage is located below deck in the hulls right around the center of gravity, ensuring a smooth ride. 

The weight of the vessel is 40% less than our competition. This means we need less power to achieve similar speeds. With the 2 x 210 Gl. / 800L of fuel, the HammerCat 35 can run to remote fishing grounds and back!