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Hammer Yachts operates out of a modern production facility next to the Cape town International Airport. Our production managers are responsible for dozens of new build yachts and catamarans over the past 20 years, amongst which the 62’ series Gunboats which are now considered the pinnacles of Gunboats.

When building a power-catamaran, weight vs strength vs cost is of utmost importance to the builder and end-user alike. Very few boatbuilders have achieved what Hammer Yachts has accomplished with the HammerCat 35: a fully decked out center console power catamaran, complete with fuel / water / 2 x engines at 4 tons / 9,000 Lbs.

How do we do this? We build our HammerCats using the most modern construction technologies, not commonly used for pleasure vessels but mostly seen for building racing yachts. The e-glass and carbon composite structures are resin infused, incorporating solid PVC core (Corecell foam) and Gurit top-of-the-line-epoxy-laminating systems. The final assembly of the hull / bulkheads / deck can be regarded as a 'mono-coque' where the strength of the individual components is multiplied by their fusion.

Bulkheads are resin infused foam core structures, bonded into the hull structure with high strength epoxy compounds before being tabbed in using a glass/epoxy laminate to ensure best possible secondary bonding reliability.

The hull cavities that are not utilized for storage or hull access are fitted with XPS foam (waterproof closed cell foam), a total of 4m3 / 43 sq ft, ensuring that the HammerCat 35 is unsinkable. These foam-filled inner-compartments are sealed from all sides. The fuel tanks are manufactured from ¼” Marine grade aluminum, tightly fitted in between bulkheads and hull, then sealed in with an epoxy laminate to prevent unseen seawater penetration, which, in the long term, could lead to corrosion. No other builder goes the length we do to ensure long-lasting durability.

The hardtop and its supports are entirely manufactured from carbon-fiber – making it by far the lightest and stiffest T tops in the market.  The hardtop weighs in at just under 175 Lbs (measuring a whopping 10' x 13')

Where metal fasteners are utilized, only Stainless 316 is used. The HammerCat 35 is built to NMMA and CE requirements / certification.

We have seen boatbuilders add more and more complexity over the years. More gear / more equipment often means more stuff to break, which means less time on the water with friends and family. Hammer Yachts went the other way: We install the best equipment and gear, yet we will not overcomplicate the systems.

As an example, take a look at our fore and aft awnings: other builders might install electric shade awnings which look impressive at boat-shows, but these will likely fail after a few weeks / months with saltwater spray.

At Hammer Yachts, we use stainless steel post that fit in rod holders fore and aft, and simple D-rings on the hardtop. It takes 30 seconds to put up the shades, and there will never be a mechanical failure. There are countless features on the HammerCat that exemplify the relative simplicity of our features, while not compromising on comfort and safety.

The HammerCat 35 is unequalled in design, performance, construction, and safety and is destined to be the benchmark for the center console power catamarans for years to come.