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Welcome to Hammer Yachts. Featuring the HammerCat 35 & HammerCat 45

The Concept

Horsepower vs Weight ratio: Hammer Yachts builds power-catamarans which are 40% lighter compared to other vessels, which means that a HammerCat needs half the horsepower to get the same performance. Speed is mostly about horsepower vs weight ratio, the same with sports cars, bikes, planes, you name it. There is no reason for a quad engine set up on a HammerCat (though it can be done). We still get the same performance, yet we run very fuel-efficient with an amazing range.


We started Hammer Yachts in 2018 as we felt that the current offering of power catamarans were not what power-cats should be: elegant, high performance and fuel efficient. We felt that the power cat market was ready for a new concept and we assembled a team of experienced professionals resulting in the first HammerCat 35 being completed in 2019, a full-on production line for this model in 2020 and the first HammerCat 45 going into production in 2021.

Boutique builder

Hammer Yachts builds up to 12 HammerCat 35’s per year, and each one is different. We can build the HammerCat 35 as a hard-core sport fishing vessel with tuna tower / live bait wells / coffin box /etc. Or we can build the HammerCat 35 more as a family day boat with seating for up to 14, U shaped seating forward, large coolers / iceboxes / dive door / dive ladders. Or we can mix and match to build a boating platform ideally suited to your needs.

Design and features

The HammerCat 35 is the first model in the next generation of power catamarans. The HammerCat 35 is the first power catamaran to have gorgeous lines: a sweeping Carolina bow line normally only seen on mono-hull sport fish yachts. The HammerCat 35 combines her good looks above the waterline with a very efficient and modern “wave piercing” underwater body, featuring a double stepped hull for an amazingly soft ride in offshore conditions.


All HammerCats are 100% epoxy composite construction with a standard carbon fiber hardtop. We use top of the line materials and the latest technology to ensure a strong and stiff hull.

I can’t say enough great things about Hammer Yachts!

I am the captain of hull number one with twin Suzuki 300 hp and have ran it more than anybody. I don’t own the boat but run, fish, and maintain one. The boat rides so much bigger offers a whole different experience it is an absolutely incredible ride, deck is well thought out, you need to ride in one yourself to understand the difference .

First off Peter and the whole team at hammer yachts has been a pleasure to work with, when we had a little trouble with one switch Peter went above and beyond replacing every switch on board and having all the wiring tested to ensure we wouldn’t have any future issues. Peter is very passionate about his boats and we stay in regular contact talking about the boat like it’s his son gone off to college.

The ride of the 35 hammercat is truly unparalleled by any center console within 15ft I have ever been on... and I’ve been on more than a few with a family previously in the marina business, including other big center console outboard cats to 42 foot w 1600hp that I’ve captained and some have names that may or may not start with free, prowl,twin, Invin...

NOTHING COMES CLOSE. The gunnel height and Carolina flare ensure you will stay DRY in bad bad crap, when everyone else is turning around at the mouth of the jetties ringing out their shirts we cruise 34 knots comfortable as can be through 4-5 foot confused chop without a splash on one passengers shirt. The boat does not bang... I took this boat across the Gulf from Fort Lauderdale through lochs of Okeechobee to Panama City then PCB to Freeport Texas. Never had seas less than 3 foot had some 7-8 ft seas getting into pcb had to take a weather day but no problem cruising in 3-5ft seas 30-35 knots rest of way home.

If you have questions feel free to call me anytime I don’t get paid a cent by hammer yachts just blown away by the boat, Peter, his service, and the Hammer Yacht Company.

Tight Lines,
Captain Brazos Grosz