Owner's Review

Fast, Luxurious, Light, and Fuel Efficient.


 I live on the Gulf coast of Florida. Long range trips are part of the game here. The HC35 is the comfortable boat I've been looking for. No matter if it's heading 100 miles offshore to go fishing or cruising 200 miles to be in the Keys.

Most of my trips are with six to eight guys on the boat. Plenty of room for everyone's gear. Even on overnight trips where we bring a few extra bags and tackle. This is the only boat I know of where you can have bags under the gunnel and they're out of the way.

After injuring my back in a car accident, I thought my offshore days were over. The HC35 is smooth riding in conditions I normally wouldn't be able to stay out in. This boat keeps on the water. 

Capt. Justin Lambeth, Carbon Cat Charters, Bradenton


Dear Hammer Yachts,

My search for "the perfect offshore boat" has been years in the making, owning over 20 boats and have ridden on many more. My offshore experience is extensive to say the least. I've always wondered why there were not more performance catamarans being made since it is mere physics that they will perform better by having less hull to hit the water. Less hull means less bang on your body and equates into more efficiency. Without going into brand names, cat boats existed but they were stone age technology, making a good product but cutting themselves seriously short in the performance and efficiency dept. I looked for years, even considering having them built in other countries but they always felt short in one respect or another such as smaller fuel tanks, working with someone out of country that I couldn't see face to face and all did not incorporate new technology efficiency such as the stepped hull design. Not only does the stepped hull design provide a mat of air for better ride and comfort, it also provides faster cruising speeds and of course a longer fuel range.

I was determined to not cut myself short until I found my dream boat that filled these qualifications. When I found Hammercat in my relentless searches, it was a true no brainer to inquire more about this new hull design and new company. It was at that moment the true gut feeling felt right, this is the boat I've only dreamed about. A boat that is built like a tank with high quality workmanship, a high bow front of a sportfish but the feature interior qualities of a yacht that even the most prestigious person could appreciate.

Buying a boat and having all of the right aspects to it are certainly important but it goes farther than that with trust in the manufacture and their long term intentions. Peter has communicated fully during the entire process. One of my personal issues with any manufacture is lack of communication which of course leads to concerns especially when something as expensive as this dream will be. There was never a 24 hr period that went by that I was not contacted and felt at ease with any of my questions, this is hard to find these days as anyone can appreciate.

Thank you Peter and Francois for an AWESOME fishing and entertainment Dream vessel that anyone will love to experience.


-Shawn Gore /  Black Pearl Cast Nets


“We love the HammerCat 35, what an amazing hull, we are blown away with everything the HammerCat offers. I have no skin in the game, I have been on boats my whole life and it is the best riding hull I have ever been on, we are absolutely blown away by the fuel economy, we cruise at 35 knots, and in pretty much any conditions the HammerCat offers an amazing ride, the hulls goes through anything, it slices through the waves without pounding. On the HammerCat we can go out fishing in pretty much any weather, and the boat stays dry and the ride is soft. We go out to the oil rigs, 80 miles out, and since we have the HammerCat, we are fishing more days than we ever did on other boats we owned. And to top it off, your after market service has been outstanding” 

-Captain Brazos Grosz, Surfside, TX 


I was in the market for a 35-40 ft boat, and Peter’s design and manufacturing of the Hammer Cat yacht was more detailed and refined than any other boat on the market for the price point and the specification I was looking for. 

The boat is designed with great features from its large electronics display screens, surround sound speakers, diamond stitched seats, and a spacious design perfect for numerous passengers. The hull design and the way it is built with the wide beam makes the ride extremely smooth and dry, and the fuel consumption is very economical. 

As an owner of many various other vessels, I can confidently say that the HammerCat brand is at the top of the line, and Peter is an extremely kind and accommodating person that makes the experience of purchasing a HammerCat seamless. 

Peter is always available and ready to answer any questions or deal with any issues or concerns. 

It is a pleasure to own a HammerCat Yacht and I would recommend it strongly every single time. 

-N.A / Ft Lauderdale, FL


We bought the HammerCat 35 sight unseen / online via references and studying the concept presented by Peter and his company. We are happy with the fruits of our trust in Hammer Yachts, the boat has a comfortable yacht-like feel and ride. Beautiful on the outside and superior craftsmanship on the inside, particularly on the electrical and plumbing. After 28 years in the construction business myself, I can say this boat is well built on the outside and on the inside. Fuel economy is optimal (well over 1nm /gal). This boat makes everyone happy and I am the proud owner of hull #3. Thanks for your service and Congratulations on a winning concept. 

-F. G / Puerto Rico