HammerCat 35

Fast, Luxurious, Light, and Fuel Efficient.

HammerCat 35 - Dimensions

LOA: 35’ / 10.4m
Beam: 12’1 / 3.7m Fuel : 2 x 200GI / 2 x 800L
Fuel: 2 x 200GI /   2 x 800L
Water: 150L / 40 Gl (option for increased water capacity)
Weight: 9,000 Lbs /   4000 kg (with engines / half tanks / gear/ crew)
Additional load carrying capacity: 2200Lbs / 1000kg (with engines / half tanks / gear / crew)
Speed: >50 mph with standard 2 x 350HP Suzuki dual prop
Max horsepower: 850HP
Design by: Schionning / Hammer Yachts

Epoxy and E-glass, reinforced with carbon fiber. Light and strong, this is the construction method of choice for high end boat builders.


The Design Details

The HammerCat 35 is the first model of the next generation of power catamarans. The design concept was to pencil an elegant, fast, fuel efficient and modern power catamaran in the mid 30’ range.

The impressive “Carolina bow” gives the impression of a much larger vessel. Around Fort Lauderdale, people call the HammerCat 35 'The Beast' as it is so impressive and commands attention and authority. The substantial raised bow (5' / 150cm of the water!) allows for a dry ride at superior speeds even in adverse conditions.

There is a (removable) marlin door in between the engines with a bathing ladder incorporated into the bridge deck. The stern of the vessel has a cut-out just in front of the engines (underside of the hull). This feature allows for faster backing up / reverse following the fish once the big one is hooked and assures clean water over the propellors when underway.

The tunnel / bridge-deck on the HammerCat 35 is significantly higher as compared to other power catamarans, not only does this ensure a softer ride as there is much less slamming but this also reduces any “front splash”, water that is coming back from the inside tunnel towards the bow. The HammerCat 35 also features a "splash guard", a chine with a negative angle under the bridge-deck which pushes any front-splash down, and thus prevents slapping / coughing in between the 2 hulls. The bridge clearance when underway is almost 2’/60cm. While standing on the dock, you can view the underside of the HammerCat from stern to bow. The underwater body also features "double steps" which generate aeration (air cushions) under the hull while traveling at high speed and assure a very comfortable ride.

We paid particular attention to the weight distribution. Catamarans don’t like weight in the bow / stern of the yacht. Our fuel and water tanks are located at the COG (center of gravity), ensuring a smooth and flat ride.

The HammerCat 35 will get on a “plane” on one single 350HP engine and run up to almost 25 mph. We added 2 x towing eyes at the waterline on the bow as some larger yachts appreciate the features of the HammerCat 35 and use it as a multi-functional tender. 

The design features in combination with the high-tech light weight construction make it amply clear why the HammerCat 35 truly is "the next generation power catamaran".

Unique features of the HammerCat 35

The deck design has its background in commercial fishing for both efficiency and a no-nonsense approach. The stern features a marlin door (and folding swimming ladder under the bridge deck) in the center and two large 65 gallons cooler boxes on each corner (which can be set up as live bait wells with the optional Seachest). The advantage of placing the coolers / bait wells on the corners is the added depth on the corners of the boat as opposed to restriction of placing a bait well on the centerline. The deck also features 2 x forward fish boxes with a length of 8’ and 2 x 7' aft fish boxes. All fish-boxes are insulated, and the drain point is above the waterline, which eliminates the need for pump out or macerator systems. The deck is slightly cambered side to side, and also features a 3-degree slope front-to-aft to allow for any water to flow off easily.

Helm station: 
The lay out of the helm station allows for 2 x 24” MFD screens (unheard of for a 35’) and has flat areas for storage of phones & sunglasses. Inside the helm station is space for an optional electric fresh water flushing head. Three Llebroc sport seats with folding bolsters ensure a comfortable ride. The aft facing workstation has a large work area (with sink) and space for storage / tackle box. Forward of the helm station is a double seat with, the starboard side is set up as an insulated cooler. The helm station is covered by a standard carbon fiber hardtop and integrated "rocket launcher" for 8 rods.

Coffin box or U-shaped settee
The HammerCat 35 can be ordered with an open fore-deck, a coffin box / lounger or a U-shaped settee.  

The hardtop of the HammerCat 35 measures 10’ x 12’ and weighs just 150 Lbs., so there is no weight high up which can influence the ride in offshore conditions. The hardtop is much larger & wider than on most other center consoles so you and your crew are protected from the sun / elements.