It's All About The Ride!

Fast, Luxurious, Light, and Fuel Efficient.

It's All About The Ride!

The HammerCat 35 offers an exceptionally comfortable and dry ride even in the most challenging conditions. Our design brief for the HammerCat 35 was to design a power catamaran that would challenge the status quo in the center console power cat market and build “the next generation of power-cats”.

The meticulously designed underwater body of the HammerCat 35 was drawn up by a true power-cat designer who spent countless hours running CFD simulations and fine-tuning the many factors that make up the hull of a center console power-cat. The HammerCat 35 features a wave piercing bow / very sharp entry, double stepped hull that draws air in from the sides so that the HammerCat rides on a cushion of aerated water while at cruising speed and boasts a Carolina bow with beautiful and very functional flare.

We have all seen boating videos of center consoles going through rough water / inlets, where boaters hold on for their dear lives. You won’t see these videos featuring a HammerCat.

The HammerCat 35 hull is optimized for the working window around 35-40 mph for efficiency and comfort in all sea states. There is no other hull producing a softer exit through a wave.

The lighter weight ensures that the HammerCat gets on a plane earlier and runs more efficiently. If you look at the bridge deck (the height from the water surface to the underside of the tunnel in between the hulls) you see that there is a significant difference between the ‘previous generation’ power catamarans and the next generation power-cats: the HammerCats.

What does more clearance do? More bridge deck clearance facilitates the passage of the water which travels underneath the boat from the bow to the stern. Less ‘wet area’ means less friction, which reduces fuel consumption and eases the bumping and slamming you might notice on power catamarans with less (or none) bridge deck clearance.

Look at bridge-deck heights of other power-cats next time you’re at a boat-ramp or boat-show. Then compare the stern height / bridge deck clearance and bow height of a HammerCat with any other power-cat in this size range. You will notice the stark differences in bridge deck clearances which really show off their functionality on the water.

We aim to keep the crew and guests dry. A low center of gravity and 12’ beam with multiple deflecting streaks and chines redirect wave energy and wake energy outward and downward to dampen the movement in a seaway. The wave piercing hulls slice through waves instead of slamming or pounding, let alone having each small wave create slamming under your feet. This results in a softer, dryer ride and eliminates the fatigue experienced when driving other power catamarans.

Interested to try a HammerCat on the water? You can book a trip (fishing trip / boating trip) with Carbon Cat Charters out of Tampa or you can schedule a demo ride in Fort Lauderdale if you are close to pulling the trigger on a new boat purchase.